The Disciples of Ashael

Bestowing of the Tear


The adventure begins in a dark, dank crypt only a few levels below one of the city’s reaching cathedral spires. Each adventurer summoned to this location to prove their skills and hopefully be admitted into the organization known only as The Disciples of Ashael. On this particular night, in this particular crypt, four adventurers gathered. Each knew why they were there, this was to be their test of initiation, either they work together to defeat what was to come or they die with only the dark to know their fate.

At first there was only the dark and the light of a few torches. As we advanced their came the rattling of bones from the dark ahead along with a few arrows that one of our number was not quick enough to dodge. A few muttered words from the wizard and the room was filled with a dim light overhead. The test had begun. Mako hissed out “skeletal archers” as she pulled the arrow she was unable to dodge earlier from her arm. Letting out out a sigh,“looks like some sort of wraith too. Here we go people. Steady on.” She began her assault on the wraith and it on her. Another two of the adventurer advanced forward closing the distance to the archers that were trying to make us into pin couchins. More chanting was heard from behind the adventurers and one archer erupts into a plume of fire followed by the wizards warning,“do not get too close to that one, you’ll burn.” Pinning down the archers was a little harder than it would have first seemed to be but a little sword dancing and some pyrotechnics later all were down. Victorious we advanced.

Our victory was short lived however. A vicious pack of undead hounds were already padding toward us ready to strike. Paladin in the lead, they charged for her. Luckily the armor and perhaps some prayers fended off the unnatural beasts attacks mostly. Jin strode to the paladins side blasted each hound with Swarm of Shadows. The beasts howled in pain. All this time the wizard, standing at the back of the group, had been building up her magical reserves to unleash a devastating spell. Her hands flashed into several configurations and her eyes glowed blue. As she finished her chant she threw her hands wide and here head tilted back a blast of unearthly heat exploded out from the largest hound and felled the other smaller ones. About this time the skeletal commander moved into view. The paladin wasted no time in marking this foul undead thing with her holy words and the assassin tries to pull it into the still burning area where two smaller hounds were incinerated earlier. The commander would not be moved however..It moved itself, seemingly as an act of defiance, into the burning area. Meanwhile, the hurt hound rushes the wizard that had so viciously wounded it earlier and knocks her flat on her back as the assassin hurries to help. In a flash the hound was on the assassin and brings him to within an inch of his life before Mako strikes a killing blow to its head, sending the undead thing sprawling. Although the hound was dispatched our assassin succumbs to its necrotic touch and falls unconscious leaving only our vampire ally to wrestle with the commander. To escape the burning zone it had so defiantly entered moments before, the commander retreats out towards a chasm. Seeing this opportunity our vampire friend dashes toward the commander, bounds into the air, kicks the commander’s breastplate, knocks the commander into the pit, and lands a perfect landing next to the pit just in time to hear the smashing of bones below. By this time the paladin has already arrived and revived our fallen ally with what divine skill she has.

All at once the torches around the crypt come alight. and in a glowing nimbus the test administrators stand before us.
“You have all succeeded in your test. Congratulations, you are now members of The Disciples of Ashael.”

At the commencement of his words a silver chain with a glowing teardrop pendant shimmers into being around each of our necks. This is what we all came for. This is the symbol of a Disciple. For better or worse, we are all now Disciples of Ashael.



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