The Disciples of Ashael

Bullywog Blight

The Greatest Lie Ever Told

The group returns to the headquarters of the Disciples after searching the old ruins and taking the Dryad with them. Mako informs them that the dryad was tainted in some way, most likely from the shadowfell.

Enter Leon Barber (dun dun duunnnn)
Leon is a man of average height and richly dressed that strides confidently into the room. He wears his Tear of Ashael, which is almost black, snugly around his neck encased in his cravat. Most noteable about him is the twin scars that mark his face with an X.

Leon pulls Tobias Johnson aside and the two have a heated discussion. When the two are finished Leon leaves and Tobias returns to the adventurers with news. Apparently the once peaceful, indeginous Bullywog village that is located only half days journey up the river is becoming more and more hostile. The city government is concerned that they could attack any day. When asked about Leon, Tobias lets them know that Leon is a co-founder of the Disciples and its political figurehead.

While each of the group members refresh themselves Raven studies over his mysterious book. With what little time he has he is able to discipher that the language is one of the writers own devising but not much more.

Now confronted with a new mission a few team members embarq on a quick fact finding mission around the city. Jin wonders off to a local tavern in search of one of his contacts while Raven and Nila go off on their own search. Jin’s bribe of 30 gold to his informant buys some useful information. A person that goes by the name Blister might be able to help. With Blisters whereabouts now known Jin heads off into the dark and collects Nila and Raven on his way to Blister’s location.

The three find Blister pulling his cart of magical wares through a dimmly lit street. Blister is a purly hideous humanoid creature almost too horrible to look upon. His skin is discolored and covered in open blisters and old scabs. He is merely a salesman of magical nicknacks both great and small. With Nila’s beautiful Eladrin form assumed and ample cleavage at the ready she commences to seek information about any Bullywog activity of late. Blister is all too eager to answer and the group soon finds out, from the Creepy Mr. Blister, that they were searching for and had found the Vial of Endless Waters. A Relic of great power that is able to produce endless amounts of putrid swamp water. The three then run off to headquarters to make ready the rest of the group and begin their pursuit of the Bullywogs.

Not far from the city, the group comes upon a scouting party of four Bullywogs. They seemed to be covering a trail. Nila then assumes the form of a Bullywog and uses a scroll, given by Tobias, that allows here to speak their language for twenty-four hours. She approaches and askes what they are doing and they inform her they are the rear scouts for the party that is half a days journey farther up the river. Meanwhile, Jin and Raven have stealthed their way around the group of Bullywogs in case of any emergency. The scouts are put on alert by Mako’s loud exclaimations and they start in their direction. Mako and Carric have advanced warning of the scouts approach, however, and was not caught off guard. Jin and Raven attack from the shadows of the forest and Nila ghost whispers to not kill the caster, “We need more information”. Before long the entire group enters the frey and all Bullywogs are cut down except the caster/leader who is knocked unconscious.

When awakened the Bullywog informs the group that “the master” is making the Bullywogs do horrible things and retrieve the ancient relic. It is it’s wish to help free its people from “the master” but not in any way that might git it killed. The group then travels on, Bullywog in tow, to the main group that guards the Vial of Endless Water. Jin, who has been taught Yes and NO in the bullywog language, accompanies Nila and the other Bullywog into this encampment to scout it out. After some diliberation the group decides to leave their new found ally behind to stall this group and allow more time for the Disciples to confront this “Master”.

The Disciples travel on through the night and reach the Bullywog Village. Before them stand three guards near a lake. Nila then strides up to them, Jin by her side, and announces the master requires them to follow her. Jin, still in Bullywog form, bows and chants out one of the two words he knows in Primordial, “Yes, YES”. Without question they follow her off into the forest while jin disarms the alarm rigged under the lake water. As they walk into the forest Mako tried to hide quietly but fails utterly and the guards hear the clanking of her armor as she tries to run through the forest and Carric announces loudly for her to be quiet. Before any harm can come to our two friends, Raven jumps from the shadows to cut one guard down. Caught unawares by the “bullywog imposters” the other two sucumb to wizards fire and thrown daggers before they can attack or call for help.

When the group is all gathered around the lake, water erupts from its still surface revealing a young black dragon. Through quick thinking and some magical conjuring, Nila is able to fake a Vial of Endless Water and with Jins marvelous lie, “Yes”, they trick the dragon into using the fake Vial in it’s Ritual. Before the Ritual begins and now inside it’s cave the group sees the form of a person called Doomblade tell the dragon to perform the ritual as planned. Only for a moment does the ‘Doomblade’ image look at our stealthed friends and an erie grin crosses its face before it fades to nothing, leaving the dragon to perform its ritual.

Performing the Ritual with the fake Vial proves very harmful to the dragon’s health and it is bloodied before the group even strikes a blow. Knowing it has been duped, the dragon rounds on the Disciples. Nila opens up a phantom Chasm under its feet, causing the dragon to fall prone. She then makes an expeditious retreat to the far side of the cave. Jin cuts into the helpless dragon only too late to realize the trouble that acid blood brings. The group then concentrates on ranged attacks. The dragon recovers its feet and radiates dark power from it. This power causes all but Nila to become weak to its acid damage and further weakens their attacks against it. Carric strums his healing ballads and gives the group strength to continue. The Disciples continue to daze and weaken the dragon until Jin ends its existance. Jin locks eyes with the dragon and his very being radiates psychic power. The Dragon, mad with psychic energy, runs head long into the swirling chaotic power that is left by the ruined ritual and explodes in a rain of blood and gore.

After slaying the dragon the Disciples rejoice with the Bullywogs in celebration of their new found freedom. They do not wish to part with the Vial of Endless Water however. The group knows it can’t leave such a powerful artifact in primative hands and uses the celebration as a distraction to steal the artifact and replace it with a conjured replica. Raven barely pulls off the heist and the disciples make an uneventful return to Blackburrow.



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