The Disciples of Ashael

Camping Critters

The Woods Abound With Taint Unchecked

Each new disciple was taken to their new accommodations provided for them by Tobias, leader of the disciples. All the rooms were of regular, nondescript rooms with nothing of any notable mention except Raven’s room. Raven was given the room that was formerly occupied by the man who’s heart he had been given. A few affects left by the previous owner were still in the room, chef among them was a leather bound book. At the very sight of the book Raven’s heart began to flutter. Raven had no clue as to what language the book was written in but he did feel the need to keep it secret from everyone. Going with this feeling, Raven hid the book within his new room. After settling into their new rooms on the campus of The Disciples of Ashael’s main guild house, the adventurers were summoned for their first mission.

Tobias informed the group that a camp of elves just a few miles from the city were in need of help. One disciple was already sent ahead to scout out the situation and the group needed to meet up and assist with the investigation. With this new instruction to follow the group of four adventurers set out toward the elven camp without incident.

Upon arriving at the camp the group was met by the half-elf disciple named Carric. This leather clad half-elf was of course beautiful and graceful, his movements fluid and dance like, almost as if he was keeping a beat. He then informed us, in a most melodious voice, that this camp was ran by an old wise woman named Lily and the head huntsman, Dale. Nila, now knowing this to be a camp of elves, shifted into the form of a beautiful elven maiden before continuing. Armed with this information the group descended into the camp.

The camp was much like any camp that was use to moving at a moments notice, as most wood elves liked it. Sensing no danger about, the group split up. Carric, Nila, and Jin went off in search of the old wise elf woman while Raven silently went off to find the huntsman. While insightfully carousing the camp Mako stumbled off into the surrounding forest. Upon meeting Lily introductions were made by Jin and questions about what was going on here were asked. It was discovered that the animals of the forest were becoming more and more aggressive, unnaturally so. Lily also advised that the head huntsman might be able to give more precise details on where the source of the aggression might be coming from. During their conversation with Lily the three also hear Mako’s voice coming from the forest saying, “What kind of Inn is this?” Confused but unconcerned, the three comrades go off in search of the head huntsman which,as it so happens, was found only a few yards away. The huntsman, after some introductions, informs the group that something is corrupting the wildlife just a ways up the river to the north. Nila asks the huntsman to accompany them as a guide and in return the huntsman offers them the use of his son, Leif, as a guide. The group then gathers, except Mako, and start out for the river. When they arrive at the river Mako just happens to be standing in the middle of it exclaiming loudly at what plumbing problems this Inn has. With Mako reigned in, the group sets out up the river.

The group travels up river until night begins to fall. They decide it would be best to camp now before the light completely fails. In the interim Raven cops a feel of Leif’s ass. Nila then strides into the middle of a small clearing and begins to chant. As she chants mystical energies pour off of her body and ghostly servitors begin to take form and dance around the clearing. As they dance they erect tents, make fire, and food, and even set out washing facilities. When the Ritual concludes Nila says, “Just because we’re ruffing it doesn’t mean we have to be totally uncomfortable.” followed by her rushed stride to the washing bowl.

That night Nila takes the first watch which was interrupted by a fierce pack of wolves merely fifteen feet away. Annoyed, the others rush to their feet and take arms. Carric is surrounded by wolves almost instantly although his nimbleness prevails and he escapes most attacks. Jin, one with the night, stalks his prey from the shadows around the camp, picking off wolves one by one. Nila hastily summons a pillar of fierce lightening that only manages to pick off a few of the attacking wolves as Raven dances from shadow to shadow felling the unsuspecting canines. Despite the packs numbers the disciples were able to fend them off without much trouble and then inspect them. Carric and Nila discover a trail of fading magic leading away from the camp off into the dark woods. Knowing the magic is fading, the group races off following the trail through the shadowy forest and eventually find its end, a hidden cave.

All that can be seen in the cave at first glance is the glowing red eyes of its inhabitants and then, as if appearing out of thin air, two black panthers flank the cave entrance. The group is faced with the panthers and two spiders of unknown type. Mako advances into the fray capturing the attention of both spiders and one panther. The other panther makes a mad dash for Carric who is pushed off balance and falls prone. Knowing the bard is in trouble, Raven rushes to attack the panther that is mauling Carric. Raven calls upon his body’s practiced reflexes and strength to quickly cut down the offending animal before it can do much harm. In the meantime, Jin flanks one of the spiders and unleashes a vampiric attack that leeches some of its life-source. Nila unleashes her most potent spell and fire erupts out from one of the spiders, engulfing the other spider and panther along with it. Although not mortally wounded the beasts scatter except the one locked in combat with Mako. Able to find his feet, Carric belts out a song that fills the others around him with renewed strength. A few more quick slice and dice actions later and the critters were down leaving behind them a few choice pieces of equipment.

Traveling onward through the cave, the adventurers find a corrupted dryad that twists the fey around her to corrupt and change the natural beasts of the forest. Through knowledge of the arcane the group is able to see that something somewhere has tainted the dryad. The terrain shudders as the Dryad’s corrupted power summons fully formed trees from the ground. Swarms of spiders and giant arachnids also appear to assault the group. Carric, Jin, and Raven coordinate their attacks against the spider horde, while supported by Leif and Nila’s artillery magic. Meanwhile Mako chases the Dryad around the battlefield, keeping the tree-like entity from harming her comrades. Halfway through the battle Mako’s amulet changes from white to grey and she acts very strange, menacing even. Besides this one strange occurrence the group fights their way through swarms of spiders and flying insects and is able to best the dryad and possibly end the threat in this part of the woodlands.

The disciples return to the city victorious. But what about the tainted dryad? Who or what tainted it? Is there something else out there? Something bigger? What is Raven’s book about? What’s up with Mako? So many questions and not enough answers.



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