The Disciples of Ashael

Ghoulish Grudges

Dances With Undead

We join our fellow adventurers only a short time after their free day’s adventure. Tobias has called the party together to inform them of a note that just arrived from Gloomshire. The note, as chance had it, was from Lief. Lief, for those that don’t remember, was the elf ranger that helped in the mission to defeat the tainted dryad some weeks back. The note asked for assistance from the disciples to deal with some roaming undead that had recently plagued the town. Preparations were made for the day and a half ride to Gloomshire and Nila, Jin, Raven, and Mako departed.

That night the party stopped for rest. Nila setup some parimeter eyes for lookouts and the party went to sleep. Not to far into the night the eyes raised the alarm, “Hey yall, there’s something out there. Yall better wake up. I’m getting scared.” The party awoke to full awareness and Jin took a swallow of his (name of drink) and looked out to see if he could discern the culprits that creeped in the night, besides himself of course. After a moment Jin explaims,“Monkeys..Its Monkeys.” The team quickly arranges itself for a fight and Nila summoned up mage light to illuminate our foes. Mako cheerfully explaims,“Monkeys!” and runs off towards them. Nila looks at Raven and says,“Those don’t look like any monkeys i’ve ever seen.” The “alpha monkey” comes forward and exudes an aura of cold, making our melee combatants stay back. Even this did not deter our disciples from slaughtering every last one of them, there were four. Upon closer inspections Nila amends,“I guess they do look a little like monkeys.” They were actually yeti.

Our party finally makes it to Gloomshire the next day and meets with Lief in the only tavern in town, The Rusty Shoe. He informs them that the town comes under attack by zombies after dark and serveral local people had already been killed and resurrected as zombies themselves. No one in the town suspects another would do such a thing and upon further investigation the party agrees with him. The party goes to investigate the local graveyard and finds many graves freshly opened but no trace of magic was near. Who or what ever is bringing the dead back to life was obviously not doing it here but was digging up the bodies and bringing them back elsewhere. The party decides to hide in ambush for any would be graverobbers that night.

While waiting, the party plus Lief heard the screams of a woman in the distance. They rode hard into the night hopeing to help whoever had screamed. Arriving at the edge of the McCoy’s farm fields they were just in time to see four zombies armed with shovles standing over the dead body of a Hatfield man. And the fight commenced. (insert fight details..i’m lazy today)

Near by was a barn full of animals but something inside did not sound quite right. Nila sent her dragonling in to investigate but nothing was out of the ordinary except a trap door that was partially concealed. The group advanced into the barn and opened the door. Down below was a man with a ghoul that immediately turned and attacked. Before anyone was able to act the necromancer cast a devastating spell that knocked everyone but Nila to their feet. Fearing that there were more enemies than could be seen, Nila sent her dragonling in to scope out the rest of the room. It spotted a brain in a jar that was sending out psychic energy. Fearing for her companion’s lives Nila let out some devastation of her own as she blasted all the enemies with fire and lightning. This bit of mayham gave the disciples time to get back to their feet and advance into the fray. Mako battled the ghoul that stunned and immobilized her at every turn while the rest focused on the necromancing McCoy who succumbed to his mortal wounds not very long after (thanks to several crits). The brain in a jar did make things interesting by dominating Nila and forcing her to attack and almost kill poor Lief. Jin and Raven corned the limbless brain and broke it like a a…like a brain in a jar….and Mako ended the ghoul(maybe not but it makes for good telling).

After the battle the group found a magic life-drinking dagger that was given to Jin and a pouch of ice crystals that could freeze any liquid which Nila procured for herself. In town the group was able to uncover that there had always been a certain unrest with the two prominent families in the area. Apparently the fued between the Hatfields and McCoys had escalated into undeath. Having saved the day and put down a miniture zombie insurrection the disciples bade farwell to the handsome Lief and headed back off towards Blackburrow.



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