The Disciples of Ashael

We Stand Alone

Tales of Individuals

a spot for our individual stories that one day lol… start below and post ur individual story because i can’t remember them all lol..

*Story of Jin the Changeling Vampire Who Screwed Up One Hungry Night.
Jin has a simple story because he’s not a very terribly complex man. Jin had the “Hunger” pretty bad. His recent battles had left him nigh death numerous times, no thanks to a certain other changeling in his midst. At any rate, Jin needed to replenish his reserves and thought he had spotted a perfect trio of hooligans as they chased a man down into an alley. Jin watched a moment as he watched the man receive a nasty beating from his pursuers, and nodded to himself that these blokes weren’t really worthy of the life-giving liquid within their veins. He strolled to the man’s rescue and quickly dispatched two of the three attackers. The third slipped away as Jin foolishly feasted on one of his friends. As Jin returned to the victim he recognized he had fouled up. The man was the head of one of two gangs fighting for territory in the city. Jin tried to bribe the leader not to mention this, but the leader wasn’t very cooperative. So Jin felt putting a dagger in his head was for the best. He’d rather not choose sides in a gang war.

However this only worsened his situation as both gangs were now on the lookout for the vampire who killed their members and their leader. After much worrying, indecision, and some choice words for his stupidity, Jin realized the survivor was the only one who could peg him as the perpetrator. So Jin asked his good friend, Toumas the former half-ling assassin now turned bartender, to arrange a little meeting with the man under the guise of Disciple business. Early the next morning, the scared little bugger met Jin in Toumas’s Tavern which was conveniently empty at this early hour. The simpleton was scared out of his wits, but could definitely describe Jin’s human form almost exactly. Jin, who smartly used a different form, winced and thought hard and long whether he could kill and drain the man cleanly in Toumas’s establishment without leaving too many stains. Just then someone barged into the Tavern. Jin recognized the stranger as Raven who was obviously very, very, VERY drunk. The gang member was just really freaked out by the sight of a scarred, stumbling man, slowly making his way to him and Jin. Jin grinned as he found his plot hook. Jin pulled the man away and calmly insisted that he slowly make his way to the back door. The man didn’t follow orders and made all haste out the back door, and then ran screaming down the morning lit streets. Jin put on a small show, in case anyone was listening they’ll fall for his bluff and think a real fight was underway. Jin tipped his hat to the unconscious Raven for unwittingly making his job easier.

The next day, Jin spread word through the underworld that the crime fighting vampire was killed while attempting a risky day light assassination of the last living witness to his feasting. To Jin’s knowledge the ruse worked out to his satisfaction, and for the moment he isn’t the target of two groups of ruffians.



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