A witty shapeshifting wizard devoted to the study of magic and its application to the job at hand. Student of Tobias and new member of the organization known as the Disciples of Ashael.


LVL: 3
Hp: 30
AC: 15


Growing up as a changling, Nila had a very interesting life. Need food? shift into the form of a favorite son or daughter and eat with your ‘family’. Need money? Shift into a banker and withdraw what you need. Life continued much this way until one day Nila met an Eladrin family that knew what she was and welcomed her. Her new family soon discovered Nila’s gift for learning magic and taught her what small tricks they could in addition to the elven language. Nila wanted to learn much more of magic so she sat out to look for a master of the arcane arts which she found in Tobias Johnson. Tobias was a wizard of renown and Nila learned in earnest. Now learned in the arcane arts and ready to stand on her own two feet, or more if she needs, Nila has teamed up with a few of her new associates from the Disciples of Ashael. Who knows what fate awaits her….


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