The Disciples of Ashael

Ghoulish Grudges
Dances With Undead

We join our fellow adventurers only a short time after their free day’s adventure. Tobias has called the party together to inform them of a note that just arrived from Gloomshire. The note, as chance had it, was from Lief. Lief, for those that don’t remember, was the elf ranger that helped in the mission to defeat the tainted dryad some weeks back. The note asked for assistance from the disciples to deal with some roaming undead that had recently plagued the town. Preparations were made for the day and a half ride to Gloomshire and Nila, Jin, Raven, and Mako departed.

That night the party stopped for rest. Nila setup some parimeter eyes for lookouts and the party went to sleep. Not to far into the night the eyes raised the alarm, “Hey yall, there’s something out there. Yall better wake up. I’m getting scared.” The party awoke to full awareness and Jin took a swallow of his (name of drink) and looked out to see if he could discern the culprits that creeped in the night, besides himself of course. After a moment Jin explaims,“Monkeys..Its Monkeys.” The team quickly arranges itself for a fight and Nila summoned up mage light to illuminate our foes. Mako cheerfully explaims,“Monkeys!” and runs off towards them. Nila looks at Raven and says,“Those don’t look like any monkeys i’ve ever seen.” The “alpha monkey” comes forward and exudes an aura of cold, making our melee combatants stay back. Even this did not deter our disciples from slaughtering every last one of them, there were four. Upon closer inspections Nila amends,“I guess they do look a little like monkeys.” They were actually yeti.

Our party finally makes it to Gloomshire the next day and meets with Lief in the only tavern in town, The Rusty Shoe. He informs them that the town comes under attack by zombies after dark and serveral local people had already been killed and resurrected as zombies themselves. No one in the town suspects another would do such a thing and upon further investigation the party agrees with him. The party goes to investigate the local graveyard and finds many graves freshly opened but no trace of magic was near. Who or what ever is bringing the dead back to life was obviously not doing it here but was digging up the bodies and bringing them back elsewhere. The party decides to hide in ambush for any would be graverobbers that night.

While waiting, the party plus Lief heard the screams of a woman in the distance. They rode hard into the night hopeing to help whoever had screamed. Arriving at the edge of the McCoy’s farm fields they were just in time to see four zombies armed with shovles standing over the dead body of a Hatfield man. And the fight commenced. (insert fight details..i’m lazy today)

Near by was a barn full of animals but something inside did not sound quite right. Nila sent her dragonling in to investigate but nothing was out of the ordinary except a trap door that was partially concealed. The group advanced into the barn and opened the door. Down below was a man with a ghoul that immediately turned and attacked. Before anyone was able to act the necromancer cast a devastating spell that knocked everyone but Nila to their feet. Fearing that there were more enemies than could be seen, Nila sent her dragonling in to scope out the rest of the room. It spotted a brain in a jar that was sending out psychic energy. Fearing for her companion’s lives Nila let out some devastation of her own as she blasted all the enemies with fire and lightning. This bit of mayham gave the disciples time to get back to their feet and advance into the fray. Mako battled the ghoul that stunned and immobilized her at every turn while the rest focused on the necromancing McCoy who succumbed to his mortal wounds not very long after (thanks to several crits). The brain in a jar did make things interesting by dominating Nila and forcing her to attack and almost kill poor Lief. Jin and Raven corned the limbless brain and broke it like a a…like a brain in a jar….and Mako ended the ghoul(maybe not but it makes for good telling).

After the battle the group found a magic life-drinking dagger that was given to Jin and a pouch of ice crystals that could freeze any liquid which Nila procured for herself. In town the group was able to uncover that there had always been a certain unrest with the two prominent families in the area. Apparently the fued between the Hatfields and McCoys had escalated into undeath. Having saved the day and put down a miniture zombie insurrection the disciples bade farwell to the handsome Lief and headed back off towards Blackburrow.

We Stand Alone
Tales of Individuals

a spot for our individual stories that one day lol… start below and post ur individual story because i can’t remember them all lol..

*Story of Jin the Changeling Vampire Who Screwed Up One Hungry Night.
Jin has a simple story because he’s not a very terribly complex man. Jin had the “Hunger” pretty bad. His recent battles had left him nigh death numerous times, no thanks to a certain other changeling in his midst. At any rate, Jin needed to replenish his reserves and thought he had spotted a perfect trio of hooligans as they chased a man down into an alley. Jin watched a moment as he watched the man receive a nasty beating from his pursuers, and nodded to himself that these blokes weren’t really worthy of the life-giving liquid within their veins. He strolled to the man’s rescue and quickly dispatched two of the three attackers. The third slipped away as Jin foolishly feasted on one of his friends. As Jin returned to the victim he recognized he had fouled up. The man was the head of one of two gangs fighting for territory in the city. Jin tried to bribe the leader not to mention this, but the leader wasn’t very cooperative. So Jin felt putting a dagger in his head was for the best. He’d rather not choose sides in a gang war.

However this only worsened his situation as both gangs were now on the lookout for the vampire who killed their members and their leader. After much worrying, indecision, and some choice words for his stupidity, Jin realized the survivor was the only one who could peg him as the perpetrator. So Jin asked his good friend, Toumas the former half-ling assassin now turned bartender, to arrange a little meeting with the man under the guise of Disciple business. Early the next morning, the scared little bugger met Jin in Toumas’s Tavern which was conveniently empty at this early hour. The simpleton was scared out of his wits, but could definitely describe Jin’s human form almost exactly. Jin, who smartly used a different form, winced and thought hard and long whether he could kill and drain the man cleanly in Toumas’s establishment without leaving too many stains. Just then someone barged into the Tavern. Jin recognized the stranger as Raven who was obviously very, very, VERY drunk. The gang member was just really freaked out by the sight of a scarred, stumbling man, slowly making his way to him and Jin. Jin grinned as he found his plot hook. Jin pulled the man away and calmly insisted that he slowly make his way to the back door. The man didn’t follow orders and made all haste out the back door, and then ran screaming down the morning lit streets. Jin put on a small show, in case anyone was listening they’ll fall for his bluff and think a real fight was underway. Jin tipped his hat to the unconscious Raven for unwittingly making his job easier.

The next day, Jin spread word through the underworld that the crime fighting vampire was killed while attempting a risky day light assassination of the last living witness to his feasting. To Jin’s knowledge the ruse worked out to his satisfaction, and for the moment he isn’t the target of two groups of ruffians.

In The Footsteps of Turtles

The Dragon-slayers returned to the city with the artifact in hand. The Disciples relished little fanfare as they handed the relic of endless swamp to their superiors. After all, this operations was covert. Had the city known it was days away from becoming yet another bog for a Black Dragon panic would surely have consumed the city far sooner than the swamp itself. Lack of city wide admiration aside, the team did however enjoy their loot from the remains of the Black Dragon. These mystical items would surely come to use in the near future, and beyond. In the meantime, a good days rest is probably more appreciated than anything else.

For some of the team a day off not only meant recuperation, but also meant a day to put their acquired gold to some use. Carric, Jin, Nila, and Raven all had the same idea to pay their disgusting merchant acquaintance Blister a visit. Blister presented the group with a list of items that he was willing to part with. Eagerly Carric grabbed up a singing clam, knowing that it would prove to be quite an amusing form of entertainment. Raven purchased a rag of filth, and tracking coin. While Jin nearly emptied his wallet to buy the monocle of vigor presence for the sake of having a monocle. The monocle also had a strong sounding name, although he didn’t quite know what use it had. Mako arrived just in time to envy Carric’s singing clam, at which she found much glee from it’s serenades. The evening drew near as did the shopping spree. So our daring shoppers returned to their abodes at the Disciple’s HQ.

Back at last, Jin decided to rest before the night came. However, others within the temple were did not have such boring plans. Raven, despite the urges of secrecy his book instilled in him, sought out the assistance of his comrade Carric in deciphering the secret code his heart’s former host used to scribe his memoirs. Together they were able to determine a hidden passage existed in a room within the Disciple’s Temple. The duo left to inspect the room, careful to avoid detection. The singing clam, however, did not exert a bit of subtlety after Carric wished it’s company for their secret mission. The two found a candle stick, one which the two believed was a switch of some kind. Inspecting the item, Raven recognized it as a mechanical mechanism. They activated the device, which opened a door behind a painting within the room. Upon removing the painting the pair discovered a descending passageway leading to what… they didn’t know. As Raven and Carric entered the staircase, with singing clam in tow, Nila reclined in her room listening to the clam’s crooning grow quieter and quieter.

Curious as she was, a gaze out the window of her room proved more curious. The familiar figure of Doomblade, their recently discovered foe and mastermind behind the Black Dragon’s plot, was seen in a deep conversation on the streets of Blackburough just outside their headquaters. Nila left in such a hurry, that she did not even alert her comrades to the villain’s appearance. Upon exiting streetside, Doomblade had vanished, but the mysterious person whom he spoke with was still within the area. Nila bravely attempted a pursuit, but was spotted easily. Even her shifting powers did not aid her in dropping the man’s suspicion. The man slipped around a corner, and vanished before Nila could apprehend him. However his escape route was found. An opening to the sewer lay nearby. An ominous feeling washed over her. Tales of the sewer’s dangers are known to every citizen of Blackburough.

Back in Disciple HQ, Carric and Raven were just as unsettled. At the end of the staricase lay a laboratory, recently used, eery, and completely mysterious. (I can’t recall any specifics so anyone one else in the know fill in here – matt). Above the duo in the room where they staircase was discovered, Mako appeared. Intent to investigate why the singing clam became silent, she was only confused to find an empty room with a new doorway that wasn’t there earlier. Before she could pursue this new discovery, Nila rushed into the room! “Doomblade is within the city!” she said, “I lost him, but found where an associate of his is hiding… the sewers!” Raven and Carric overhearing a commotion from above, and learned of Doomblade’s discovery. Deciding that a day off was not in their best interests after recent events, they roused the reluctant Jin, who was enjoying his lazy day, into hunting down this new Doomblade ally.

They followed Nila to the location of the sewer entrance where their quarry slipped away to, and entered as well. Immediately, to their dismay, they were faced with an onslaught of undead creatures. The ghouls were slow to attack, but the Disciples went on the offensive first. Striking and attempting to draw the enemies in for the kill. As the battle began, Jin grinned as he began to realize the magical purpose of his monocle. Numbers representing his enemies’ vitality floated above his foes’ heads, and diminished as they were injured. Nila let out a volly of arcane power and smited several minor skeletons as they approached. Mako did her best to gather her enemies’ attention, however one powerful ghoul slipped her attention. Raven, ahead of the pack and in the midst of the ghoul horde, garnered the undead creature’s ire, and nearly paid for it with his life. Seeing his cohort fall, Carric was quick to lend aid to Raven by doing whatever it is Bard’s do. Raven arose and slipped back into a defensive position. Nila summoned a thunder pillar admist Raven’s attackers in order to better defend her injured allies. The bulk of the undead monsters ran to avoid the danger of staying too close to the arcane attack, but Nila was quick to shift the pillar in chase. This however gave an opening to the most powerful ghoul to slip by. Undaughted, Jin attacked the creature in several failed attempts, but nearly suffered the same fate as Raven when the abomination attacked him. Watching Jin retreat in pain, Mako irate with the creatures audacity assaulted the creature to protect her comrades. The remaining ghouls fell one by one, as Mako faced of with the most dangerous of them. Raven avenged his earlier, embedding several shadow darts into the creature’s body. Mako, while distracted by be assaulted on two fronts, was struck down by the creature. The paladin collapsed in the retched muck. Carric was too weak to lend aid after such a rough battle, the monster had to be taken down first. The group assaulted the creature together in order to lend aid to Mako before it was too late. Then Jin, rushing toward the creature delivered a solid slam of his boot to the battered being. The living corpse collapsed as it crashed against the wall. “Look at you! Again you sneak in and take the kill!” Raven complained. Jin smirked and chuckled despite the severity of his injuries. Carric rushed to Mako’s side and lent his healing knowledge to stabilize her before she bled out. The group caught their breath. They had just entered the infamous sewers of Blackburough, and managed to avoid succumbing to it’s dangers luckily. As they rested the wondered how they would fair as they ventured further in after Doomblade’s mysterious new ally.

Bullywog Blight
The Greatest Lie Ever Told

The group returns to the headquarters of the Disciples after searching the old ruins and taking the Dryad with them. Mako informs them that the dryad was tainted in some way, most likely from the shadowfell.

Enter Leon Barber (dun dun duunnnn)
Leon is a man of average height and richly dressed that strides confidently into the room. He wears his Tear of Ashael, which is almost black, snugly around his neck encased in his cravat. Most noteable about him is the twin scars that mark his face with an X.

Leon pulls Tobias Johnson aside and the two have a heated discussion. When the two are finished Leon leaves and Tobias returns to the adventurers with news. Apparently the once peaceful, indeginous Bullywog village that is located only half days journey up the river is becoming more and more hostile. The city government is concerned that they could attack any day. When asked about Leon, Tobias lets them know that Leon is a co-founder of the Disciples and its political figurehead.

While each of the group members refresh themselves Raven studies over his mysterious book. With what little time he has he is able to discipher that the language is one of the writers own devising but not much more.

Now confronted with a new mission a few team members embarq on a quick fact finding mission around the city. Jin wonders off to a local tavern in search of one of his contacts while Raven and Nila go off on their own search. Jin’s bribe of 30 gold to his informant buys some useful information. A person that goes by the name Blister might be able to help. With Blisters whereabouts now known Jin heads off into the dark and collects Nila and Raven on his way to Blister’s location.

The three find Blister pulling his cart of magical wares through a dimmly lit street. Blister is a purly hideous humanoid creature almost too horrible to look upon. His skin is discolored and covered in open blisters and old scabs. He is merely a salesman of magical nicknacks both great and small. With Nila’s beautiful Eladrin form assumed and ample cleavage at the ready she commences to seek information about any Bullywog activity of late. Blister is all too eager to answer and the group soon finds out, from the Creepy Mr. Blister, that they were searching for and had found the Vial of Endless Waters. A Relic of great power that is able to produce endless amounts of putrid swamp water. The three then run off to headquarters to make ready the rest of the group and begin their pursuit of the Bullywogs.

Not far from the city, the group comes upon a scouting party of four Bullywogs. They seemed to be covering a trail. Nila then assumes the form of a Bullywog and uses a scroll, given by Tobias, that allows here to speak their language for twenty-four hours. She approaches and askes what they are doing and they inform her they are the rear scouts for the party that is half a days journey farther up the river. Meanwhile, Jin and Raven have stealthed their way around the group of Bullywogs in case of any emergency. The scouts are put on alert by Mako’s loud exclaimations and they start in their direction. Mako and Carric have advanced warning of the scouts approach, however, and was not caught off guard. Jin and Raven attack from the shadows of the forest and Nila ghost whispers to not kill the caster, “We need more information”. Before long the entire group enters the frey and all Bullywogs are cut down except the caster/leader who is knocked unconscious.

When awakened the Bullywog informs the group that “the master” is making the Bullywogs do horrible things and retrieve the ancient relic. It is it’s wish to help free its people from “the master” but not in any way that might git it killed. The group then travels on, Bullywog in tow, to the main group that guards the Vial of Endless Water. Jin, who has been taught Yes and NO in the bullywog language, accompanies Nila and the other Bullywog into this encampment to scout it out. After some diliberation the group decides to leave their new found ally behind to stall this group and allow more time for the Disciples to confront this “Master”.

The Disciples travel on through the night and reach the Bullywog Village. Before them stand three guards near a lake. Nila then strides up to them, Jin by her side, and announces the master requires them to follow her. Jin, still in Bullywog form, bows and chants out one of the two words he knows in Primordial, “Yes, YES”. Without question they follow her off into the forest while jin disarms the alarm rigged under the lake water. As they walk into the forest Mako tried to hide quietly but fails utterly and the guards hear the clanking of her armor as she tries to run through the forest and Carric announces loudly for her to be quiet. Before any harm can come to our two friends, Raven jumps from the shadows to cut one guard down. Caught unawares by the “bullywog imposters” the other two sucumb to wizards fire and thrown daggers before they can attack or call for help.

When the group is all gathered around the lake, water erupts from its still surface revealing a young black dragon. Through quick thinking and some magical conjuring, Nila is able to fake a Vial of Endless Water and with Jins marvelous lie, “Yes”, they trick the dragon into using the fake Vial in it’s Ritual. Before the Ritual begins and now inside it’s cave the group sees the form of a person called Doomblade tell the dragon to perform the ritual as planned. Only for a moment does the ‘Doomblade’ image look at our stealthed friends and an erie grin crosses its face before it fades to nothing, leaving the dragon to perform its ritual.

Performing the Ritual with the fake Vial proves very harmful to the dragon’s health and it is bloodied before the group even strikes a blow. Knowing it has been duped, the dragon rounds on the Disciples. Nila opens up a phantom Chasm under its feet, causing the dragon to fall prone. She then makes an expeditious retreat to the far side of the cave. Jin cuts into the helpless dragon only too late to realize the trouble that acid blood brings. The group then concentrates on ranged attacks. The dragon recovers its feet and radiates dark power from it. This power causes all but Nila to become weak to its acid damage and further weakens their attacks against it. Carric strums his healing ballads and gives the group strength to continue. The Disciples continue to daze and weaken the dragon until Jin ends its existance. Jin locks eyes with the dragon and his very being radiates psychic power. The Dragon, mad with psychic energy, runs head long into the swirling chaotic power that is left by the ruined ritual and explodes in a rain of blood and gore.

After slaying the dragon the Disciples rejoice with the Bullywogs in celebration of their new found freedom. They do not wish to part with the Vial of Endless Water however. The group knows it can’t leave such a powerful artifact in primative hands and uses the celebration as a distraction to steal the artifact and replace it with a conjured replica. Raven barely pulls off the heist and the disciples make an uneventful return to Blackburrow.

Camping Critters
The Woods Abound With Taint Unchecked

Each new disciple was taken to their new accommodations provided for them by Tobias, leader of the disciples. All the rooms were of regular, nondescript rooms with nothing of any notable mention except Raven’s room. Raven was given the room that was formerly occupied by the man who’s heart he had been given. A few affects left by the previous owner were still in the room, chef among them was a leather bound book. At the very sight of the book Raven’s heart began to flutter. Raven had no clue as to what language the book was written in but he did feel the need to keep it secret from everyone. Going with this feeling, Raven hid the book within his new room. After settling into their new rooms on the campus of The Disciples of Ashael’s main guild house, the adventurers were summoned for their first mission.

Tobias informed the group that a camp of elves just a few miles from the city were in need of help. One disciple was already sent ahead to scout out the situation and the group needed to meet up and assist with the investigation. With this new instruction to follow the group of four adventurers set out toward the elven camp without incident.

Upon arriving at the camp the group was met by the half-elf disciple named Carric. This leather clad half-elf was of course beautiful and graceful, his movements fluid and dance like, almost as if he was keeping a beat. He then informed us, in a most melodious voice, that this camp was ran by an old wise woman named Lily and the head huntsman, Dale. Nila, now knowing this to be a camp of elves, shifted into the form of a beautiful elven maiden before continuing. Armed with this information the group descended into the camp.

The camp was much like any camp that was use to moving at a moments notice, as most wood elves liked it. Sensing no danger about, the group split up. Carric, Nila, and Jin went off in search of the old wise elf woman while Raven silently went off to find the huntsman. While insightfully carousing the camp Mako stumbled off into the surrounding forest. Upon meeting Lily introductions were made by Jin and questions about what was going on here were asked. It was discovered that the animals of the forest were becoming more and more aggressive, unnaturally so. Lily also advised that the head huntsman might be able to give more precise details on where the source of the aggression might be coming from. During their conversation with Lily the three also hear Mako’s voice coming from the forest saying, “What kind of Inn is this?” Confused but unconcerned, the three comrades go off in search of the head huntsman which,as it so happens, was found only a few yards away. The huntsman, after some introductions, informs the group that something is corrupting the wildlife just a ways up the river to the north. Nila asks the huntsman to accompany them as a guide and in return the huntsman offers them the use of his son, Leif, as a guide. The group then gathers, except Mako, and start out for the river. When they arrive at the river Mako just happens to be standing in the middle of it exclaiming loudly at what plumbing problems this Inn has. With Mako reigned in, the group sets out up the river.

The group travels up river until night begins to fall. They decide it would be best to camp now before the light completely fails. In the interim Raven cops a feel of Leif’s ass. Nila then strides into the middle of a small clearing and begins to chant. As she chants mystical energies pour off of her body and ghostly servitors begin to take form and dance around the clearing. As they dance they erect tents, make fire, and food, and even set out washing facilities. When the Ritual concludes Nila says, “Just because we’re ruffing it doesn’t mean we have to be totally uncomfortable.” followed by her rushed stride to the washing bowl.

That night Nila takes the first watch which was interrupted by a fierce pack of wolves merely fifteen feet away. Annoyed, the others rush to their feet and take arms. Carric is surrounded by wolves almost instantly although his nimbleness prevails and he escapes most attacks. Jin, one with the night, stalks his prey from the shadows around the camp, picking off wolves one by one. Nila hastily summons a pillar of fierce lightening that only manages to pick off a few of the attacking wolves as Raven dances from shadow to shadow felling the unsuspecting canines. Despite the packs numbers the disciples were able to fend them off without much trouble and then inspect them. Carric and Nila discover a trail of fading magic leading away from the camp off into the dark woods. Knowing the magic is fading, the group races off following the trail through the shadowy forest and eventually find its end, a hidden cave.

All that can be seen in the cave at first glance is the glowing red eyes of its inhabitants and then, as if appearing out of thin air, two black panthers flank the cave entrance. The group is faced with the panthers and two spiders of unknown type. Mako advances into the fray capturing the attention of both spiders and one panther. The other panther makes a mad dash for Carric who is pushed off balance and falls prone. Knowing the bard is in trouble, Raven rushes to attack the panther that is mauling Carric. Raven calls upon his body’s practiced reflexes and strength to quickly cut down the offending animal before it can do much harm. In the meantime, Jin flanks one of the spiders and unleashes a vampiric attack that leeches some of its life-source. Nila unleashes her most potent spell and fire erupts out from one of the spiders, engulfing the other spider and panther along with it. Although not mortally wounded the beasts scatter except the one locked in combat with Mako. Able to find his feet, Carric belts out a song that fills the others around him with renewed strength. A few more quick slice and dice actions later and the critters were down leaving behind them a few choice pieces of equipment.

Traveling onward through the cave, the adventurers find a corrupted dryad that twists the fey around her to corrupt and change the natural beasts of the forest. Through knowledge of the arcane the group is able to see that something somewhere has tainted the dryad. The terrain shudders as the Dryad’s corrupted power summons fully formed trees from the ground. Swarms of spiders and giant arachnids also appear to assault the group. Carric, Jin, and Raven coordinate their attacks against the spider horde, while supported by Leif and Nila’s artillery magic. Meanwhile Mako chases the Dryad around the battlefield, keeping the tree-like entity from harming her comrades. Halfway through the battle Mako’s amulet changes from white to grey and she acts very strange, menacing even. Besides this one strange occurrence the group fights their way through swarms of spiders and flying insects and is able to best the dryad and possibly end the threat in this part of the woodlands.

The disciples return to the city victorious. But what about the tainted dryad? Who or what tainted it? Is there something else out there? Something bigger? What is Raven’s book about? What’s up with Mako? So many questions and not enough answers.

Bestowing of the Tear

The adventure begins in a dark, dank crypt only a few levels below one of the city’s reaching cathedral spires. Each adventurer summoned to this location to prove their skills and hopefully be admitted into the organization known only as The Disciples of Ashael. On this particular night, in this particular crypt, four adventurers gathered. Each knew why they were there, this was to be their test of initiation, either they work together to defeat what was to come or they die with only the dark to know their fate.

At first there was only the dark and the light of a few torches. As we advanced their came the rattling of bones from the dark ahead along with a few arrows that one of our number was not quick enough to dodge. A few muttered words from the wizard and the room was filled with a dim light overhead. The test had begun. Mako hissed out “skeletal archers” as she pulled the arrow she was unable to dodge earlier from her arm. Letting out out a sigh,“looks like some sort of wraith too. Here we go people. Steady on.” She began her assault on the wraith and it on her. Another two of the adventurer advanced forward closing the distance to the archers that were trying to make us into pin couchins. More chanting was heard from behind the adventurers and one archer erupts into a plume of fire followed by the wizards warning,“do not get too close to that one, you’ll burn.” Pinning down the archers was a little harder than it would have first seemed to be but a little sword dancing and some pyrotechnics later all were down. Victorious we advanced.

Our victory was short lived however. A vicious pack of undead hounds were already padding toward us ready to strike. Paladin in the lead, they charged for her. Luckily the armor and perhaps some prayers fended off the unnatural beasts attacks mostly. Jin strode to the paladins side blasted each hound with Swarm of Shadows. The beasts howled in pain. All this time the wizard, standing at the back of the group, had been building up her magical reserves to unleash a devastating spell. Her hands flashed into several configurations and her eyes glowed blue. As she finished her chant she threw her hands wide and here head tilted back a blast of unearthly heat exploded out from the largest hound and felled the other smaller ones. About this time the skeletal commander moved into view. The paladin wasted no time in marking this foul undead thing with her holy words and the assassin tries to pull it into the still burning area where two smaller hounds were incinerated earlier. The commander would not be moved however..It moved itself, seemingly as an act of defiance, into the burning area. Meanwhile, the hurt hound rushes the wizard that had so viciously wounded it earlier and knocks her flat on her back as the assassin hurries to help. In a flash the hound was on the assassin and brings him to within an inch of his life before Mako strikes a killing blow to its head, sending the undead thing sprawling. Although the hound was dispatched our assassin succumbs to its necrotic touch and falls unconscious leaving only our vampire ally to wrestle with the commander. To escape the burning zone it had so defiantly entered moments before, the commander retreats out towards a chasm. Seeing this opportunity our vampire friend dashes toward the commander, bounds into the air, kicks the commander’s breastplate, knocks the commander into the pit, and lands a perfect landing next to the pit just in time to hear the smashing of bones below. By this time the paladin has already arrived and revived our fallen ally with what divine skill she has.

All at once the torches around the crypt come alight. and in a glowing nimbus the test administrators stand before us.
“You have all succeeded in your test. Congratulations, you are now members of The Disciples of Ashael.”

At the commencement of his words a silver chain with a glowing teardrop pendant shimmers into being around each of our necks. This is what we all came for. This is the symbol of a Disciple. For better or worse, we are all now Disciples of Ashael.

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